Non-Surgical Neuromuscular TMD Treatment

When You Tried Everything Else with NO Results...Maybe Neuromuscular Approach to TMD treatment is the ANSWER!

-our treated patients

Patients with TMD pain often take many medications, lose time from work, lose time with their family, and lose time out of their daily life.  TMD includes many symptoms that mimic other conditions and may mislead physicians to a different diagnostic path than TMD.  Patients, unaware that the symptoms originate from TMD,   typically have seen various specialists before they end up at a dental office.  It is only after all other conditions are ruled out that  TMD is left as the final diagnosis.  As a result, the patients can go on for years in pain and are managed with medications. 

Our Team

We are dedicated to serving our TMD patients and understand their condition and their needs.

Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab

Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab are the owners of Smile Solutions by Drs. Kassab, in Canastota NY where the TMD Care Center is located and TMD treatment is provided.  Please visit our website for the general dentistry services and more information

Ms. Brenda Streeter

Certified Dental Assistant

Brenda has been with the practice for 15 years.  She has completed the LVI neuromuscular TMD treatment with Drs. Juan & Dorothy Kassab.  She has also completed the 2 year New York State Certified Dental Assistant and Auxillary Treatment Program. Her compassion, professionalism, and excellence in the dental field, allows for Drs. Kassab to have the best assistance in providing the highest quality dental care.

Ms Kim  Williams & Ms. Debbie Austerman

Registered Dental Hygienists

Smile Solutions by Drs. Kassab,  has a well established dental hygiene department.  We have developed a periodontal disease treatment with auxiliary tools, like the Diode laser and various medicaments, resulting in great results in preventing disease progression.  Our routine cleaning are thorough and we receive compliments for our excellence, gentleness, expertise, and technology utilization.  We aim to exceed your expectations.

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Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies

In 2010, Drs Juan &. Dorothy Kassab completed the 3 year 7 Core neuromuscular curriculum for neuromuscular treatment of TMD.  Dr. Juan Kassab practices Neuromuscular Dentistry as it relates to general and restorative treatment. Dr. Dorothy Kassab utilizes Neuromuscular Dentistry in the treatment of TMD.  She  has also taken various other LVI courses including advanced studies of TMD, orthodontic mechanics and treatment modalities, practice management courses.  LVI provided the unique training in the computerized K7 jaw tracking and myography, a crucial aid in diagnosis, bite registration and appliance fabrication,  and monitoring treatment progress. 

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Glidewell Laboratories

Through the years, Dr. Dorothy Kassab worked with various laboratories that fabricate TMD appliances.  She has discovered that Glidewell Laboratories meet her high standards.  She is  proud to provide TMD orthotic appliances, anti-grinding night guards, sleep apnea oral devices, and orthodontic retainers and appliances.  The quality of the appliances  and devices is important in patient compliance, longevity and durability of the device during treatment and adjustments.  Glidewell has proven to provide the highest quality for our patients and meets our patients' satisfaction.

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American Academy of Orofacial Pain

American Academy of Orofacial Pain is a great resource for patients suffering from TMD pain. Please visit the website for more information.

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Advanced ENT Physicians & Surgeons of CNY

Dr. Dorothy Kassab provides a non- surgical approach to TMD treatment.  In  the event that the condition needs a surgical mode of treatment, Dr. Kassab will work  with Dr. Edward Sall, a local  ENT physician.  

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